Kicking Apple to the kurb.

I’m definitely not your typical Microsoft blue blood. I at times buck the kool-aid internally and prefer to always keep my options open to the “competitors” we have at Microsoft. It’s not that I'm a rebel at heart, it’s simply I can’t be bothered being that guy that belongs.

Lately, Apple’s been annoying me to no end. Most whom follow my twitter will notice my anti-Apple behavior and a lot of them associate this with being a MS-Fanboi (in fact one follower of mine took time to tear me new one over being too pro-Microsoft).

Well, if you were to come over to my house you’d see the following:

  • 1x MacBook Pro 17”
  • 1x MacBook Pro 15”
  • 1x Apple TV
  • 2x iPod Nano’s
  • 1x iPod Touch
  • 1x iPhone
  • 1x iMac 24” (actually its on my desk at work as my main work machine).
  • 1x Nintendo Wii
  • 2x XBOX 360
  • 1x XBOX (old skool represent).
  • 1x Playstation 3
  • 1x Playstation Portable (PSP)
  • 1x EeePC 1000h Notebook.
  • 1x Home Built Desktop Computer

Clearly, I’ve earned the right not wear the label MS Fanboi? or would you like more proof?


That all being said, Apple has been the number one pain in my butt in the past 3 months for a number of reasons and they are as follows:

  •  Bootcamp is as useful as spyware. When I first heard Apple allowed you to run Windows on an Apple machine, it was like watching Ghostbusters cross streams for the first time… you were unsure where this would end up.

    So like most Mac fans, I was stoked I had best of both worlds, that is until I got to date Bootcamp more over time. To put it bluntly, I kept having to pave my machines due to certain quirks in the bootcamp way of life. These were:

    • Can’t download it online. I was at a conference, left my OSX dvd at home like most normally would. Sound suddenly stopped working the night before my presentation, and found bootcamp’s sound drivers were the problem. I then went into the local Apple store and spoke to their genius whom proceeded to tell me they don’t support Bootcamp and that for me to get it i’d need to buy the OSX DVD… EPIC FAIL…
    • Drivers magically fail. This week Ethernet LAN just stopped working. I re-installed bootcamp as i found in OSX the Ethernet worked but under windows it didn’t. The re-installation of boot camp yielded no results. Spoke to the various support channels within Apple, words like “re-format” or “send your iMac to us for repairs” came up. I felt like I was the only one in this entire “help” system that had opposable thumbs, and understood it was just a driver going south. I ended up biting the bullet, paving my partition and this time loaded Windows 7 in its place. All because of Ethernet driver failing for no apparent reason. Others suffer from this as well, I also noticed via Google.
  • iPhone is useless to me. I already covered this in another blog post as to why, but the latest issue just annoyed me.

    image In November i was running to catch my plane at San Francisco airport, as I was running my iPhone fell out of my pocket and well the screen shattered. Cursing my bad luck, I figured meh, warranty should cover this right?

    No, ok, so they don’t cover breakages like this and its clear the phone is a fragile and delicate piece of AppStore goodness. I then went through the motions to get the screen replaced, and found its around $150 USD to get that done. Here’s the absolute kicker for me, it turns out post screen replacement that the screen they replace it with WILL be covered by warranty.. aint that just a kick in the wallet.

  • Apple TV, your mileage may vary. I originally started out with NetFlix but found the Online selection of new releases to be limiting and found iTunes model seem to have a better selection (obviously for my kids PIXAR is the main goal here..given Apples relationship with PIXAR, its a no brainer on why iTunes has the upper hand here). The problem with Apple TV is basically you’re paying a fortune each month for latest releases, but to kick me in the head further the downloads seem to stall a lot so halfway through watching a movie, i get "Downloading..” – I’m on a 30mbps comcast cable, so meh to that.



  • iTunes is not portable. Today I was at work, I cursed my luck for forgetting my iPod at home. Damn it, i want to listen to music on my iMac. I started cursing myself for my own stupidity, but then got prodded by some fellow  Microsoftee’s to buy a zune subscription. I was desperate for some tunes, so $14? why not..

    image Wow, Zune’s all you can eat model is amazingly cool. I’ve never bothered to check out the Zune hype, but now I get why so many Microsoftee’s a proud as punch over this brand. The fact I can download my entire iTunes library again for $15 is one thing, but to then be able to do it all again at Home instead of at work and no penalties apply.

    Meh to iTunes model, I’m going the kool-aid now.

I can list about 1000 more war stories about Apple, but let me just illustrate it another way.

I’ve spent approx $12k in the last 2 years with Apple and to be openly honest, I’d rate the overall experience as being over-rated. OSX to me has ups and downs associated to it, certain software I like other times I feel it’s the distant cousin twice removed in terms of functionality.

I don’t agree with their ads, and feel they’re overselling and under delivering on promises.

Going forward..

I am really impressed with the Windows 7 team as whilst its only been 48hrs of usage, I’ve found the overall experience rewarding (XD is really interesting). Zune team are on a good bet here, but I’d love to see it scale more world wide. The Zune Desktop is brilliant in design, so high fives to their XD team on a job well done.

Windows Live team has always been a bit of a weird bunch to me (in both a good and bad way), but in the last 6 months I’ve seen exceptional amount of improvement from them (I’m sure Angus will take most of the credit ;D), so much so the tight integration with Windows is now in my mind going beyond the Apple iLife experience I once held them hostage against. Live have done great work, so big handclaps to them on their efforts so far.

I really feel Microsoft is on the right track in doing exciting things with both our consumer and developer story end to end. There’s still a few gaps I’d like to see us close, but I've already sent 13 emails tonight to various team leaders on how we could close them (which I’m sure they are thrilled at getting :D)

Does this make me the fanboi now? probably, but you know what, labels are for tuna cans, I rock the boat just as much as I ride it, so meh to you anti-Microsoftees :)

Scott Out.

I’m sure there will be complaints..