Live Messenger Partner Bot.

I was hanging out with Christian Longstaff, our resident Web Partner guy whom you should all get to know, embrace and hug if you're in the Australian web industry. At any rate, he pointed me towards the UK PartnerBot and told me the story of how it works and where it's going.

Suffice to say, I've got my grubby hands on some of the source code behind what makes it tick and it's actually pretty damn geeky cool (before you ask, no I can't send the code out as I don't own it.. sorry!)

I wonder if i can make a Messenger Bot auto-record my expenses and some how send them to Singapore for approval. I'm sure Frank would of approved of this project out of them all (sorry, I used to hound Frank's existence with expense report approvals heh)

I love the Microsoft UK approach though as these folks do some pretty cool stuff and now that Christian's downunder, we expect great things from him.

More information on the partner bot can be found here:

Microsoft does some really cool stuff at times.