Microsoft AIRLIFT 07 ( Debrief)

I can't say much about much about what took place in an internal debrief around and I have to watch my wording here as I could get into trouble for letting things slip, suffice to say I can talk about what's public today. exists, it's got a lot of already established goodness on the table and what most of you see via has gotten better, and one day in the near future you'll see more and more additions to this approach taken by Microsoft.

At first when I heard Microsoft was heading into Web 2.0 space with, I must admit I rolled my eyes and simply "nodded" and smiled. I was an idiot, as once you look at ASP.NET + AJAX Toolkit and then think some more around Web 2.0, you don't have to be smart before you realize that these folks may know a thing or two about empowering users of all walks of life (coders, designers etc) to create their own Web 2.0 pieces.

I urge you all, whom play with the Web 2.0 concepts and AJAX for that matter, to take a look at and download Visual Studio Web Express (Free, as in Beer) with ASP AJAX Toolkit and start learning now.

As from what I just saw in the past three days, I can only give a strong thumbs up.

So far these are some of the pieces available today around

Live Maps

Live QnA

Live Search

Windows Live Account

Windows Live Alerts

Windows Live Call

Windows Live Call for Free

Windows Live Custom Domains

Windows Live Dev

Windows Live Expo

Windows Live Favorites

Windows Live Gallery

Windows Live Hotmail

Windows Live ID

Windows Live Ideas

Windows Live Mail desktop

Windows Live Mail for mobile

Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger for mobile

Windows Live Mobile

Windows Live OneCare

Windows Live OneCare Family Safety

Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner

Windows Live Product Upload

Windows Live Publishing Portal

Windows Live Shopping

Windows Live Spaces

Windows Live Toolbar and Desktop Search

Windows Live Web Search

Windows Live Writer

I also have uploaded some Photos of my AIRLIFT07 Seattle adventures, so if you have time to kill check them out. Also keep blog in your RSS watch list as he has the inside scoop around what MIX07 will have in stock.