Microsoft debuts its 'Flash killer' Silverlight

Ok, firstly, I hate the term "Flash Killer" as it just sends all the wrong messages about SilverLight. Secondly, read the news articles first before you start any rants about how Adobe will kick our butts or crap like that.

Microsoft will reveal new technology designed to take on Adobe's ubiquitous Flash interactive Web animation system, as part of a broader strategy to go head to head with Web and design tools powerhouse Adobe Systems Inc.

As you can see, the perception out there is that Microsoft is going head to head with Adobe, and it's easy for the press to dress that story up to suite.

My job is to help change that perception (socialize it), to illustrate where Microsoft is going with SilverLight vs comparing it to Flash all the time. This will be done over time, and it's why you'll see more Adobe related discussions from me throughout the web community.

I get certain about of grief from Adobe staffers telling me how I should do my job, well let me respond (finally) now out loud.

My background and experience (ranging from Allaire/Macromedia/Adobe days) that I can start to draw comparisons more appropriately to our product offerings vs Adobe's, it's so when developers I engage in the field ask me a question around SilverLight or Windows Presentation Foundation and how they will draw context back to Adobe, I can answer with accuracy and yes, I have no issues on being self-critical with Microsoft's offerings should they arise.

It's because of this, that I will talk about Adobe on my blog or in other blogs, I'll also be the counter-message to silly PR spins that I see around Adobe as I think at times, we see more of a controlled message delivery rather than actual answers. Feel free to challenge me likewise on SilverLight, WPF or Expression Tools as I'll do more to help in this space.

I'm just an evangelist, whom knows Adobe's pro's and con's and now Microsoft's. I get paid to socialize this more in the field and on my blog, if it annoys Adobe staffers so be it but if it helps developers move forward, <highfive>.

Lastly, I finally can stop using WPF/e for once and for all. I can't tell you how this name annoyed me and before I close out, remember that there will not be a winner in this so called Adobe vs Microsoft battle.

I've got SilverLight, WPF, Expression, Apollo, Flex, Coldfusion, Java, .NET and ASP under my belt? does this make me weaker or stronger for the upcoming 5 years?

I say be agnostic.

There will be complaints I'm sure.