Microsoft UX.Artu.Tv

Arturo Toledo, Product Manager for UX Platform & Tools (Silverlight, WPF, Expression...) has spun up his own blog found over at Arturo is a classic artistic soul and he has some interesting insights once you get to know him - hint: subscribe to his blog as you will see one of the inner working UX minds behind the scenes  in Microsoft.

He also has a list of updated features in Expression Blend 2 - August Preview. He should know as chances are he's the one of the few overlooking them.

One standout feature for me is:

Make User Control
Expression Blend 2 August Preview contains an early look at new functionality that lets you re-factor existing content into a control that can be reused (instantiated). Currently, only selected elements—and their referenced resources—can be re-factored into the new control. Any referenced animations are currently lost, but the current plans for next release are to preserve these as well. You also need to build the project to be able to see and instantiate the new control.

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