MIX07 Day0 - Calm before the storm

  It's DAY0, Registration tonight and everyone's whom could make it is flying into Las Vegas for the action packed MIX07. There is a huge buildup to this conference and I think honestly Microsoft is going to deliver well.

I flew in a day earlier last night because I was bored in Seattle and my co-Developer Evangelist Michael ended up getting Vertigo or something like that and is sadly bed ridden for the next 3 days ( We feel for you Michael, poor guy). I landed around 10 pm last night and sent out a probe ( email / SMS ) to all those in town and where the drinks where.

I got a response and was in the V Bar shortly there after and somehow managed to stumble my way back to my hotel about 4am. I met a lot of Microsoft guys/gals but also some of the partner contingent we invited over. One stand out was Nigel Parker, our friendly New Zealand Evangelist and it was good to finally meet him in person ( so recap: I flew half-away around the world to meet a New Zealander? wtf???)

That being said, there are a lot of rumors floating about online today that I noticed. Namely there is movement in Live.com, Silverlight and WPF are the main three points of interest tomorrow (that others have speculated on that is).

You'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out the answer to that but suffice to say when I got told a few things about tomorrow, I was genuinely surprised and excited at the same time. I made a joke, that the "Sleeping Giant" has awoken and one of the other Microsoft staffers at the time said "Yeah, and it's got a massive hangover" (I am not sure what that meant but felt it was worth mentioning).

As I wait now for my in room Lobster Maine + Coke (haven't eaten in 2 days - I'm so not used to US food) to be delivered and starting to get ready for tonight's pre-MIX Day 0 events, I look forward to the upcoming year as there is going to be a lot on my plate to work with. There is just too much cool stuff rolling off the assembly line at Microsoft and some of it won't be perfect, but the potential and core goodness is not only there but will raise a few benchmarks.

I will highlight one piece that's worth checking out while you wait in some Airport for your Las Vegas flight or something, that is:

Family.Show WPF reference app. from Vertigo. Absolutely nice application. Also check out Nigel's post on how the User Experience Summit went pre-MIX.


I'm staying at the Bellagio Hotel, and while the fountains are awesome to watch - they are also loud enough to be heard, so if you don't mind firework sounds going off every hour etc then go for it.