MIX08 + SxSW here I come..


It's going to be a busy 2 weeks starting tomorrow. I firstly will be announcing my new career move sometime next week, which I'm excited about - most will be surprised, suffice to say I'll be hanging up my RIA Evangelist boots (Josh Holmes yesterday announced his new role as RIA Architect Evangelist, so the fight is in good hands!).

On Monday Adobe are rumoured to be releasing Flex 3 + AIR, so it will be interesting to see how much Buzz that generates.

On Saturday I fly out to Las Vegas, to begin the week of what I call MIX-OUT (MIX08). I'm absolutely excited and can't wait to see folks reaction to some of the things Microsoft has on display for one and all. Scott Guthrie has already hinted at what's coming, but I can testify that it will be big!

On the following Saturday, I will be flying out to Austin, Texas where I'll be attending SxSW. I'm going to be interviewing people on camera, so if you see a weird looking Aussie guy and you're at this event, say hi!.

Then I fly home an begin making preparations for my new role... any guesses as to what i'll be doing next?

I will announce it on Thursday.