Must fight urge to do "year in review 2008" post.

Look, I have lots of regrets and at the same time I have heaps of wins, above all, I did what I could, and where it counted the most.

Going forward, I just want to spend more time working with .NET developers & designers whom want to succeed in WPF & Silverlight more than before.

Twitter me, email me, leave a comment, show me what you're doing with these two platforms of UX. I want to listen to your pain, anger, annoyances all negative emotions around the product - but - i also want to hear how it's saved your bacon.

As I miss talking to the customer 1:1 as I find way more value in that than talking to a fellow blue budge on theories of where we could go next with this platform of choice.

To my Adobe readers, I simply say this. We are approaching Silverlight's 3rd birthday soon, 3 years and we've changed the world and done more for the RIA movement than most in your realm give us credit for. I think it's time we push forward with the next phase, sharks with lazer beams in all runtimes.

You know it's the killer feature most requested, and first runtime to take the hill, wins ;) heh

Good luck in 2009, and keep us all honest and keep the wishlist / requests, they are NOT going ignored!