My first convert.

News Just In: ZDNet/BuilderAU picked up on my Adobe commentry of last week and decided to dedicate an article to it (which is just super!).

I kind of gathered they'd lock in on a few sound bytes so to speak, that in the wrong light/context could make things a little abstract then they need to be, but that's the media these days anyway. That being said, I particularly loved the part where it stated:

However several members of the Adobe community did not react well to Barnes' comments, questioning his independence on the matter 

I counted about 5 (and I'm being generous on two of them), that were I guess what you would call "Adobe Community" card holders. There were two other Adobe employee's in the mix followed by 1 other Microsoft employee (Jon out of the UK). I wonder thinking on it now, that did the journalist mistake Mike and JD for community members? even after they commented on my comments not having a clear "signature" of whom I represent? (if that's the case, the prosecution rests your honour hehe).

That aside, I got this phone call about 20mins ago from Jeremy Watson.

Jeremy is an Adobe Developer (Coldfusion and Flex) for a company in Brisbane. He stated that

"You'll be happy to know I installed Visual Studio last night for the first time".

I made a slight joke "Well my man, I'll blog it first thing to notify the world hehehehe" but then he want on to say:

"You guys are right on the heel of Adobe, and to become more employable I need to have my skills diversified".

It wasn't coached, It wasn't beaten into Jeremy it was his own words. So for me that is good enough and it's exactly what I'm about. Ensuring Developers whom read my blog and I engage are diverse enough to formulate their own opinions. I'll let the exterior influences and Marketing Spin to tap into your subconcious and beat the notion that all Microsoft products are a must (hehe) but in the end, first rule of Evangelism - "Don't con the developer".

I celebrate this first step of Jeremy's and I'll do what I can to hook you up with anything Microsoft related (obviously).

If you have a similiar response to last week's events like Jeremy's, I'd love to hear it.

Enough of this Adobe vs Microsoft stuff, onto This Week's Topics... Gadgets and WPF.