No Planes, No Conferences, No Meetings


I've been traveling quite a lot this year and meet with some amazing folks in the process. Well, my travel is up for this year and I'm looking forward to spending some much needed R&R at home with the family and get back to basics - coding some proof of concepts.

I've got a lot of projects I want to get out the door to illustrate the products we have on offer, but do so with a focus around RIA (whichever your terminology of choice).

What does this mean to readers of my blog? well expect to see less talk and more code coming forward, specifically around Silverlight and how it's capable of "..playing well with others.." (something we at times lose sight of).

In saying this, if you want something built as a proof of concept, send me a piece of email as I'm all ears and will look forward to ramping things up a little more around what's possible with the technology.

I'm also looking forward to revamping my blog, and moving it slowly over to as in order to show all some of the cool concepts I've been working on/off for the past year, I'll need to upload via a hosting environment that allows more than just "CSS overrides" (sorry, has restricted access for us employees).

Here's a sneak peak at so far:


Also, for those of you whom are interested, I've setup a Shared RSS Feed over at The premise for this is I'll be blog-spotting if you will things of interest that have a focus around Microsoft, Adobe, Design, RIA and AJAX.