None hostile Scoble style Adobe vs Microsoft chat

I was watching Scoble's Apple vs Microsoft video debate, which was non-hostile and informative and started to wonder on how great a conversation like that would be at say MIX07?

In that there's obviously going to be some hidden "Ahhhhhh" coming from MIX07 so post-it, It would be good to have something like this podcasted or something to give the dev's and designers out there a run down of how things in the runtime stack hold up overall.

I mention this as I had dinner a couple of weeks ago with Ted Patrick from Adobe, and it was pretty cool to sit down and just shoot the runtime-crap and pick at each others strengths and weaknesses but do so in a non-hostile way.

I think that would be pretty cool?

I pitched it past Ryan Stewart tonight on MSN Messenger, but I think I lost the plot when I mentioned something like "We should then have the Pussycat Dolls walk past holding up Boxing style 'ROUND 1' signs every 5mins to indicate subject change".

Robert? Ryan? Adobe? Microsoft? you in? or I'm just dreaming...

(It could be "other" parties, ie to keep careers intact, non-Adobe/non-Microsoft employees but members of the press maybe? )

Scott out.

(I have a strange feeling PR are going "Barnes..would you pipe down.. " hehe)