oi! Adobe and Microsoft - We need to mashup more!

I've been seeing the word "mashup" more and more online these days and I thought I got it until today.

You just have to watch these I watched YouTube "Angry German Kid" - which is damn funny - only I also noticed how folks would put their own commentary over the top of it and more importantly how they would blend the video in with other pieces of footage.

It got me thinking about the web space overall, and how a concept like YouTube indicates at where software or technology is heading.

People want variety, they want the power to mix and match things to suite their context of use - or need.

An example is the current technologies in play now, in that both Microsoft and Adobe products in the wild are being mixed and mashed together to build these little Web 2.0 type gems.

Take a look at Twitter.com, it's now being used in a whole new set of ways, as people are picking it up, using it and then extending it to suite another idea or need. That's the real success story, as these are what people want to see and use and play with.

Second Life is somewhat of an example of this, only I think its more over-hyped than realistic. None the less, the initial attraction is what appeals "You mean I can customize my world? "

I think Microsoft and Adobe will need to look more into this and see how these products can empower users the primitives needed in order to do this.

Adobe Apollo has indicated that version 1.0 will not have the ability to enable users access to ActiveX. This is why it will fail first release, as it has constraints already imposed, something people aren't used to anymore or I guess want. (I'll wait a year before I signoff on that opinion though)

I first saw Adobe Apollo and I wanted to instantly bring in WPF/e or WPF. No reason, other then "wouldn't it be cool to see both pieces talking to one another". I couldn't do it, I can however use Adobe Apollo, talking to Flex SWF embedded into a Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget, which then talks to WPF/e via JavaScript.

The user will see an Apollo application talking to SideBar Gadget back and forth. How cool is that! Will it be another Twitter.com?  nope, but it does provide a hint in the right direction for that person whom has another "twitter.com" inside them, an idea that they could expand and nurture more and more on.

Our product offerings offer constraints as well, so I guess I can lobby internally each day I come across it from within. I'll do that for our stuff, but in order for this crazy assed idea to succeed going forward, whomever you are reading this, could you do the same for both brands.

Let's put aside the constraints and empower each other to mashup, so there is no clear border on what's x-brand vs y-brand.

I'd love to see the mashup of blogs, comments within blogs and mapping technology. I'd love to see this as I'd be curious to know where and who I talked to from around the world, to get a perspective on the number of people I impact (either in a large way or a 0.01% way) but none the less, someone for 10secs knew "Scott Barnes" and where they sit on the globe.

That would be cool.

Welcome to the web, where there is no 2.0 or iteration of some kind.