On your marks, get set, go.

So Windows Vista and Office 2007 are off and running now.

Why care? It's simple, the sleeping giant has awoken.

I'm new to the Microsoft camp, I've sat in on the MS101 training camp, I've seen people within Microsoft and their approach to tasks and one thing is clear, the company has gone to great lengths to change its approach to business. Windows Vista is simply a great showcase of whats coming up, its got a lot of goodness inside and its probaby one of the first (I can think of) Windows operating systems that has a focus on interoprability, in that it has more SDK's then I've seen in some time.

Apple, Adobe and Google have been throwing numbers around for the past few years, about uptake, market share etc. I've not really subscribed to this, as for me it's always been about Longhorn/Vista. It's days like today, when I look around and see Rogue Traders playing live, watching the discussions unfold about the journey it took to in arriving here today and the cost the company has paid for its past wrong doings. It's actually quite inspiring, as I'm more at ease that I made the right choice in joining Microsoft.I say this as there is a lot of money, time and passion that has gone into the products to date and these folks, like others around the world (both Microsoft and Partners of Microsoft) aren't likely to let die without a strong fight, a fight this time more then ever that has a focus on both consumer uptake and image.

That being said, let companies like Adobe, Apple and Google celebrate their metrics and what not, but to be honest, the starting gun was only fired today.

 Looking forward to the next 5 years, as its going to be one hell of a ride.

I'd recommend to all, that have a bias that Microsoft is up to no good all the time, to maybe pause, just pause long enough to listen to the winds of change within the company and the progress its about to make. You may end up being a fan (I know that's scarey isn't it).