Presenting at Brisbane Web Deisgn User Group.

I'll be giving a presentation alongside the infamous Charles Sterling (Chuck) on Thursday at the Brisbane Web Design User Group.

The conversation will basically be around the direction going forward with regards to the web, the toys that come along with it and essentially a discussion on all products, not just Microsofts.

Since I've got a strong background in the Adobe space, I plan on having a group conversation about how it all fits into place, some hints at what technologies such as Adobe Apollo / FLEX are likely to do and in general rant about the relivance of one and all.

 So don't worry, its not a Microsoft propergander speech whereby we crash tackle you at the door, insert a Microsoft chip into the back of your head and then send you out to conquer the world, one DotNet at a time. No that will be next weeks presentation at "How to win Developers over with a microchip when you crash tackle them at the door" (obviously).

Chuck and I will pretty call it as we see it and see what sticks. So bring an open mind, a thirst for more awareness of tools that we have opened to us and above all, heckle me if you feel the need.

Despite recently joining Microsoft Scott Barnes is definitely a Adobe (Flex, Flash, ColdFusion) guy at heart. In this session Scott will take a look at the drivers for the next wave of web design/development technologies and how companies like Adobe and Microsoft are trying to solve them. Technologies being looked at will include: the upcoming versions of FLEX 2, Flash 9, ColdFusion 8, Flex Builder and the latest offerings from Microsoft (Expression, WPF, Gadgets etc)  

The abstract used to attract the unsuspecting victims ;)

Scott Out.