ReMIX Australia was fun.

I've been thinking of what to say around our first ReMIX, and the one thing I can settle on was that it was fun.

I got to speak with a lot of folks whom are very keen to takeup the Expression Studio world and see what it can do, and aren't afraid to dive in head first. This for me was a great assurance that Microsoft are on the right track and at the same time, understands that there is still a larger journey ahead of it.

The theme this year was for one and all to gain an understanding of what's laid out in front of them, as I must admit there is a bit of a brand overload from not only Microsoft but other software vendors at the moment. We are at some new cross roads these days and it's good for a conference of this kind to simply present what Microsoft's bet is all about, and then sit back for a year and see what you all get up to with it.

I would of liked to see more examples of the stuff being cooked out there, but I must admit it was kind of hard to get some of the examples out into the public eye. As most I approached weren't ready to display for Public just yet (fair call, its been what 3-4 months since RTM for Expression) and so we are thankful for the early adopters whom got up on stage and showcased their work at present.

I was impressed with all of the presenters, as it's not easy standing in front of an audience and doing a presentation, and they all appeared to have done well (SATs were all positive).

I did like Lee Brimelows approach though (Lee rocks, he's got it figured out), as he simply showcased his timeline in terms of the journey he took in building with WPF. It was a unique approach as it was simple, relax, enjoy the technology, build some prototypes (spend some time making circles bounce around a screen, or 3D slideshows with glass effects etc as the more you do this, the more you learn) and mostly just have fun with the technology.

I have to also agree with Lee.. you don't have a RIA these days unless there is some for of glass effect in the room... (Lee should put glass ambose on his poopr app).

WebJam was fun, I ended up doing a Yoda impersonation in front of a room full of people, it took 3 beers to muster the courage to do that and I apologize to any star wars fans out there.

I had fun meeting a lot of the fellow Twitters and look forward to another year ahead in finding out what you're all cooking inside Expression Suite.

I'd also like to say thank you to the Microsoft staff whom made this happen this year, you did really well!