Replaced my MSDN Graphic Header with Silverlight

When you create an MSDN blog here at Microsoft you’re pretty much given very little access to it, especially if you want to customize it. I’ve managed to basically hack my way around this through both CSS and JavaScript manipulation.

Tonight, I decided to hijack my graphical header and put Silverlight over the top, as basically given I’m a Product Manager for the darn product it just makes more sense for me to dogfood the product.

That and I was curious to see how far I could push the envelope on

I quickly put together a Twitter feed which pops up every few seconds with what I’m saying to the world. It cycles through the latest feeds from my account.

Brownen from Soul Solutions stated that it could get pretty annoying, I think she maybe right but I’ll see how it goes and if feedback is negative, I’ll approach it differently in the next wave of creativity.

Hope all like it.

Special thanks to Jonas and Emil for their code, as I found combining Emil’s LinkLabel control with Jonas’ Yahoo Pipes Twitter Proxy to be a better fit overall.