RIIA = Rich Interactive Internet Application

Brad Becker, Microsoft guy gives his run down on this whole scratch match around the wording of "Interactive" vs "Internet' and more to the point some actual reasoning behind it.

I'm sure JD @ Adobe will have complaints about it, but none the less Brad's done awesome post on the matter and I'm inclined to agree with him.

Now do a web search for the term "rich interactive" and see what pulls up. The term is used by IBM : "rich interactive applications that bind together disparate services", by Microsoft (seven years ago!) for IE 5.5: "New Internet Explorer 5.5 Technologies Designed to Support Rich, Interactive Web Applications"

Oh, see now he killed the buzz on how overall Microsoft is trying to hijack the RIA word from Macromedia and damn he supported some facts around it. One thing I've noticed about JD & his fellow raiders, is that they are quick to throw out hype/politics (I stupidly react at times), but they rarely appear to do the research (I guess it's easier to stir the pot).

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