- I'm hooked.

Ok, so I was searching around for a bunch of weird stuff today, anyway I managed to find this site (

Essentially it's about Ted Murphy & his business "" which essentially allows advertising companies to connect to blogger's world-wide and compensates them for the process. I used to use GoogleAds, so it's similar to the same thing but I guess more focused?

At any rate, I'm sure the company itself has its own set of political issues around paying blogger's to post for dollars but what's got me hooked is the way its edited and presented as if it was some documentary you'd find on MTV (Pimp my style).

I'm hooked.

Favorite Episode is 16, where Ted's got a presentation to do in NY, like me, it's always left to the last minute and no matter how many times I do this, like Ted he screws the presentation up on the day (TIP: rehearse kids, repeat it over and over until it does become scripted but then figure out a way to carry the presentation so it doesn't sound scripted! ).

Then, after his presentation, watch Ted get slammed by critics about the ethics around pay per post and how it will "corrupt the Internet" (like it's not already).