ROFL Chris Bernard.

I noticed our US User Experience Evangelist, Chris Bernard (whom I had the pleasure of getting drunk with in Seattle) has been blogging away. At anyrate, I thought I'd do a catchup and read his posts and the ones that really hit home with me are the posts around Things that happen when you travel too much.

I can feel his thought process in this, as being an Evangelist you do travel a lot, you go where the action is and where you are required. It hits home on all points as I've lost count the number of times I get lost leaving a hotel room at some places.

"Where was that lift area again? "

That and when I'm in a city I'm not used to, it's a case of "So which way is the hotel again? "

I've even perfected the art of watching a movie on my PSP, tucked neatly into the seat in front of me on the plane. So when the flight crew walk past and do their spot checks, they don't hassle me to turn it off (as if a PSP will bring a plane down, ffs! - the trick is to leave the screen facing horizontally up, as only in front view can you see it, via the sides it looks like it is off. I won't go into how I know this as you'll just think I'm weird).

It's so sad when you walk past a electronics shop, and you notice noise canceling headphones and begin to read on how much noise they can cancel via the plane.

What's even more sad, is when you print out the taxi routes you're likely to take before you arrive in your destination, just so you can make sure the taxi driver doesn't rip you off. Hell, I even print out on the map where the local starbucks are, McDonalds are and more importantly, the local 711 store (I'm addicated to chocolate and mini-bar hurts $$).

I've read 10 books in two months, racked up 30,000 frequent flyer points in one month and I'm loving every moment.

Anyway, make sure you add Chris to your RSS Reads as not only is he funny, but he's got some insightful goodness around UX (much like our local UX guy Shane)