SideBar Gadgets, Boost Juice and Advertising

I was on my lunch time ritual today, and I noticed inside Boost Juice they have a TV in the top corner, which essentially has advertising and news playing over and over. I initially thought it was brilliant, as not only does it have advertising, but it also appeared to hook into the web - ie there were news feeds in some slides.

To put it into perspective, Boost Juice offer a basic drink model, where you go in and buy freshly mixed fruit drinks + smoothies, and they do it in front of you (so it looks fresh). While you sit there and wait, you now have a focal point (instead of staring at the hot girls beside you - which is either regarded as conflict or perving depending on your perspective).

It got me thinking about Window Vista SideBar Gadgets and how advertising models like this could work into the overall landscape.

If someone out there is smart enough, they could build in an advertising RSS style model somewhat like - a certain competitor I can't name. Its where developers could build their Web 2.0 style Gadgets that provide functionality and what not, but at the same time advertising is inserted into these gadgets.


Twadget, great little gadget I use daily but what would a nice revenue model for the Twidget project going forward is they slip in advertising slides every 30-40 sec's. So for like 5 seconds, the mainscreen swaps out and a basic little advertising slide slots in (make sure its relevant to the consumer and what not).

Ok, so this would annoy most whom hate advertising but then again, It wouldn't bother me provided the advertising is on point (ie don't show viagra slides, show me more web 2.0 advertising pieces - "Have you seen Twitter maps" or something like that - make it relevant is the key)

I think there is potential there as the advertising can pay for the production of these little sticky pieces of web 2.0 and this in turn means rich functionality could be developed (doesn't stop with our Gadget model, but other Widget/Gadget models out there).

The first person to also build a designer tool that produces all flavors of Gadgets/Widgets out there will make an absolute mint in my opinion (pop them out for $5 a unit and you'll do fine).

The thing about SideBar Gadgets, is that they are an extension of the browser model, it provides an always open browser mode of operation and so it could be used further. There are other flavours, but Windows Vista is selling, and in 5 years time it will pay off in terms of touchpoint investment (get folks using them now).