Silverlight has the worlds complete attention.

Here's a little Silverlight riff.


".. The only history that is worth a technologists damn is the history we make today.."

I get a lot of feedback from all walks of life. I read 1000's of blogs a month and my job is to essentially be a compete analyst. I engage people whom just hate Microsoft first, our technology secondĀ  and I keep a ongoing journal of these moments in time.

The reason I keep a journal is that I'm constantly keen to unlock various persona's attached to our ecosystem. It's an ongoing SWOT analysis if you will on how we are tracking and where are blind spots can exist?

That being said, here are some running notes on what I find in various competitor zones (blogs, forums, mailing lists, events etc).

  • People are analyzing all types of data (blogs, research, reports etc) to see signs of Flash being swapped out for Silverlight.
  • Competitors are behind the scenes are using a lot of various tactics to derail Silverlight. It poses a serious threat, and they are being reactive to it's success.
  • There's a still an undercurrent of Red Team vs Blue Team mentality. This will end badly should it continue.
  • Rational minds are trying to understand the irrational.
  • Perception is King, reality is fiction.
  • X-Platform is still a confusing message.
  • RIA is still a term loosely defined, but a tag in which all understand the primitives.
  • Our biggest critics are happy to live with "..I hate Microsoft, but I use their technology daily.." posture.
  • Our other product(s) history to this day are still being talked about, and folks are using the past to set traps for the future.

Overall one thing is crystal clear, in our first year, we have the worlds attention with Silverlight. Whether your for or against the product, you're paying attention to it.

This in turn is a positive as in the end you're installing the product, you're analyzing the product, you're consuming the product and above all you're still curious about the products future.

One piece of advice if I may throw out there? Relax, enjoy the technology and let your intelligence and creative vision take over.

Microsoft Silverlight: Light Up the Web