Silverlight Toolkit Released.

We've just released the Silverlight Toolkit via Codeplex.

The release will include the following additions to our toolkit story:

  • TreeView
  • AutoCompleteBox
  • DockPanel
  • WraPanel
  • Label
  • Expander
  • HeaderedItemControl
  • HeaderedContentControl
  • NumericUpDown
  • ViewBox
  • ButtonSpinner
  • ImplicitStyleManager
  • Chart
    • PieSeries
    • BarSeries
    • CoulmnSeries
    • ScatterSeries
    • LineSeries
  • Theming
    • ExpressionDarkTheme
    • ExpressionLightTheme
    • ShinyRedTheme
    • ShinyBlueTheme
    • RainierPurpleTheme
    • RainierOrangeTheme

image I've got a copy of Visual Studio 2008 + Zune4 on my desk, and I'm willing to give it away to the first theme that catches my eye in terms of inspirational art.

You have to work at this if you want the copy, I mean you are going to have to pair up with a design minded person(s) to score this freebie. The first theme I see that makes me go "wow" gets the copy and constant streams of praise by the team :)

Send me your entries via the comments below or email direct scbarnes microsoft.

Awesome work to the Controls team on this one!

See a control that's not in the list?  Let me know as well what controls you'd like to see in the next release.