A Must Read.

Alex Knight a fellow Aussie, has kicked off an online site focused purely on helping designers navigate the trouble waters of Silverlight.

To quote:

There is plenty of sites out there dedicated to developers and code related tutorials on how to build Silverlight applications but we wanted to create something specifically directed towards the graphically inclined

I’m hopeful about the project, as I think the market right now is perfectly conditioned to have a solution like this placed online.

I know personally I get inundated with lots of requests from customers of Silverlight asking for a lot of soft skills regarding Silverlight and design. Since I have both design & developer chops, i’ve somehow filled this need but I honestly don’t scale and am terrible in email responses.

Alex is and will be my defer point, and i’ll actively work to support this project from the sidelines.

Check it out, added it to your RSS feeds and please contribute!