Stupid eh? Stupid like a fox..

The title - "7 reasons not to consider using Adobe Flex". I saw this and went

"ok, I'll bite, what are they".

I began to read them, and figured ok, I can see the authors perspective, if these 7 items are crucial to him then I won't judge and there are some points I've heard before - specifically the SWF binary vs XAML being open format?

Then I read the comments. I've never read so much ignorance in all my time on the Internet, what a load of nonsense and mass stupidity in so many ways.

The real reason I dislike this, is I'm so tired of seeing the whole Adobe vs Microsoft battle talk, buy to now see a mixup of AJAX in the equation as well (oh come on).

If we are going to fight it out online, i'd prefer we all suite up in Halo or a Mortal Kombat style game, each month we converge in different locations from around the world, duke it out and rack up points. Then at the end of every season, we get a trophy, and well we continue down this path until the game becomes so boring, people stop paying attention.

At least then we can keep score and put the energy behind building with the technology and less arguing over which technology to build with.

I shouldn't judge, as Adobe Staffers and I in the early parts of last year got into some heated debates over technology, something which I felt was immature and stupid on both parties, but to now see it continue online like this? - plain stupid. Stop the madness now..

Homer Simpson, Stupid like a Fox - The Simpsons

As Miguel stated in one of his blog posts:

...Preemptive-reply-to-the-above-paragraph: I will not reply/approve any flames, FUD or half-truths..