Tech.Ed (AU) ownz your Movieworld.

It's getting close kids, the Tech.Ed has finally arrived this week and and it's my first. Yes, hard to believe but this will be my first ever Tech.Ed and I'm looking forward to what's on offer to one and all.

I've managed to worm my way out of any real work associated to the event, which I'm sure next year Andrew Coates will help change ;) but none the less, I'm going to be floating around the event and absorbing as much of the community participation as I can.

I have organized a few meet-ups already, mostly around drinks and talking geek stuff over beers. I'm more thanĀ  happy to include one and all, whom wish so ping me via my blog (which get's sent to my mobile/cell phone) and I'll be happy to catchup and geek-out.

I also noticed we've hired out MovieWorld this year (I love Microsoft, we just hire out theme parks.. A few weeks ago at MGX we hired out Universal Studios Orlando, which was a blast) and so I can highly recommend the Superman Ride (both negative and positive G's in one ride.. awesome).

Overall I hope all enjoy Tech.Ed, take the time, twitter, network, share a beverage or two (soft drink included) and embrace that which is Tech.Ed.

Also, don't forget to say your goodbye's to Frank, as the "boss" is heading to Redmond, where he'll be Evangelizing LOLCatz throughout the campus (he has a much smarter role, but I'd prefer to think of Frank vandalizing peoples walls and hallways with LOLCat posters)