Thank you Silverlight Australia.

It’s now 2:25 AM here in Seattle, and I’m of course Jet Lagged with a head cold. I figured what a perfect time to update my blog with a big thank you to all who turned out to see me in my Australia wide tour.

I met a whole bunch of you folks from all walks of life, and i am really impressed with the level of skill set housed within a large piece of land at the bottom of the earth.

It was a lot of travel, but fun and the feedback I got on how we are tracking and things we should focus on has been an enormous help to the Silverlight Team and Myself.

I sadly couldn’t make Canberra due to a need to cut my time in Australia short, but I will make it up to Canberra on my next visit back home – i swear to thee ACT dwellers.

I will be uploading my Silverlight / Expression 3 Presentation sometime next week (I did my presentation in 100% Silverlight, now that’s bleeding blue!). Some folks I would like to thank for helping me organize the meetings and went above the call of duty.

  • Adam Cogan – I owe you dinner next time I'm home. Good chat!
  • Anthony Borton – I made him use Expression Encoder 3 Trial to record his presentation, only i forgot the 10min time bomb..and so he had to constantly stop/start as a result. Patience of a saint and the only guy who can make VSTFS interesting :)
  • Mike Fitzsimon – For squeezing me into the Brisbane sessions
  • Jason Schluter & Peter Griffith – Holding the fort for South Australia Code Camp – due to Virgin Blue Pilots deciding at the last minute they didn’t feel like flying to Adelaide.
  • Jordan Knight – As always, great drinking buddy and friend.
  • Tatham  Oddie – Like Jordan, Drinking buddy and wikidly smart guy.
  • Stephen Price – Artist and someone who has a healthy outlook on all things .NET, very motivated guy.
  • Miguel Madero – Again, helped me remember Melbourne is important too! :)
  • John OBrien – The king of Deep Zoom world wide. If you ever want to know about Deep Zoom outside our team, he’s your man.

Also big thanks to Microsoft Australia guys, Andrew Coates , Dave Glover and Shane Morris for their support locally. It was fun catching up with my old team mates again and its good to see they still have strong blue passion within them.

I have a lot of feedback to give to our teams here, and again, your feedback is always welcomed either email me (scbarnes / microsoft) or if you ever feel the need to send love/hate mail to the team, you can always do so via twitter - @TeamSilverlight

Thanks heaps Australia Silverlight and I look forward to my next visit.