The Olympic Numbers are in..

Ben just posted some interesting stats on our efforts with the NBC Olympics site:

During the 17 days of the games, the site had

  • 51.9 million unique visitors (106% more than Athens and Torino combined)
  • 1.3 billion page views
  • 75.5 million video streams initiated (601% more than Athens and Torino combined)
  • 9.9 million hours of video watched (equivalent of 1,126 years of video).
  • More than 27 minutes per user average viewing time (compared to 3 minutes for sites using other streaming video technologies)

27minutes per user on average is quite a number actually.

If you want to simulate some of the experience in terms of quality that folks had during the Olympics, you can do so via (ie to get an understanding of the quality one is likely to have with Silverlight).

Ben's post is here: