The TechCrunch Aftermath. Scoble just punkd you all.

I deeply regret ever engaging anyone in this twitter dust off, mainly because it was just stupid :) No excuses, just stupid.

I've gotten a lot of positive emails about how well I held my composure and how folks thought Michael was in poor form. 

The part that I'd like to highlight is that everyone has a bad day, and at times it can play out in twitter or blogs, which in turn means that everyone is watching you have that bad day. Mercy is rarely given.

Michael updated his original post, it removed the quote that annoyed me about how Microsoft was plotting to take out TechCrunch through proxies like Dare.

This got missed in the saga of words, and this in my opinion showed an element of regret on Michael's part. Like I said, sometimes people have bad days and when someone says something bad about you (no matter how bad) it annoys you. In this case, Michael got annoyed by Dare's comments. Ok, fair enough, mistakes were made.

Personally, I don't mind Arrington. I'll never go out of my way to have a beer with him, but I don't mind his writing style.

What really annoyed me was Robert Scoble getting into the mix (just totally hijacked the situation to bolster more hits for his blog). I cannot begin to express how annoyed I am with this guy these days. He's taken whatever fame he had gathered whilst being at Microsoft and continues to embarrass us daily with this "flash backs to Microsoft".

He reminds me of "Johnny Drama" out of HBO's Entourage. Constantly living in the past and never really paying attention to the future. Hanging out with fans whom remember him from the good old days, and rarely updating his resume?

What annoys me the most is he creates a storm of words, takes the aggressive stance and when the fanbase or community turn on him for being overly aggressive, plays the wounded card. "Hey I'm just creating naked conversations, have you read my book? " style remarks.

When he was at Microsoft, he did a job, he managed to be in the right time and in the right place  - that was it. Windows was being made, it was years overdue, people were wondering what Microsoft was up to as everything was quiet.

A guy with a camera roaming Redmond Campus asking people "what they were up to" didn't require a degree of intelligence to be fair. It was just access to the right people at the right time.

Office, Windows, Avalon etc were all coming off the assembly line and Robert & Channel 9 guys were there to report on it. I remember watching the Avalon team talk about XAML (which got me out of the Macromedia camp and here in Microsoft), I don't remember Scoble.

It wasn't until I joined Microsoft and he linked to my blog once that people internally went "You just got Scobled!"

My response: "Who?..oh that guy who films stuff for Channel 9 a year or two"

Today my response would simply be "So?"

*shrug* it is what it is.