Thoughts on Mozilla: This guy is smart.

I found this little gem (via Ryan's blog, see his thoughts as well), about how this Chris Messina thinks Mozilla could do more I guess is the end message around it all. It's interesting to watch or listen to his thoughts around this space, as at first I thought it was "oh dear, here we go, someone didn't make the Idol cut and decided to to spin-up a Youtube geeksytle" rant - only - there is some smart substance behind him.

I've not known anything about Chris until tonight so if he's a Web Rockstar, apologize.

At any rate, well worth the time to listen and gather ones thought's about how browsers, brands and the next generation of web is supposed to work vs. it is today. It's also interesting to compare some of his remarks around Mozilla around what i've learnt about Microsoft so far.

Bottom line folks is it's quite hard to keep millions of developers happy with a browser while at the same time millions of consumers? (Operating systems are the only other software that I can think of that faces this and look where we are today with them).

I also posted a rant in 2006 pre-Microsoft about this style of thing, I re-read it before and it's kind of still resonates today.

The browser has a terminal illness and is dying.