Voice Activated Commands in Blend.

Most folks whom know me would agree I am quite lazy at times. This being true, I've discovered a product which will help me out to become even lazier.

Voice Activated Commands is a product which retails for $18 USD and what it enables you to do is type in a text like "mossyblog" and then assign it to a shortcut.

The real reason I got this, was that when I'm on a plane or in a cramped environment, the mouse options at times is a pain in the butt, that and I can never really remember most Keyboard Functions off by heart. Words I can.

You can setup VAC with any program, and Microsoft Blend is one of them. I use this application for Microsoft Blend, Adobe Photoshop and Hexagon.

I've found it quite accurate and it surprised me, I guess last time I used a software that had voice command was many years ago with a product called "Dragon Dictate". Things have come a long way since then.

More Info: http://www.dwvac.com/