Want a job working on Silverlight at Microsoft?

Yesterday Forest Key has announced there are around 30 jobs up for grabs scented around Silverlight ranging from Marketing to Evangelism. This is a very rare opportunity so if you're keen, grab it by both hands. I'm into my 5th month at Microsoft (oh how time flies) and I am loving my role as it's got some pretty cool perks and I get paid to work with developers across the globe on my passion, Web 2.0 and RIA.

Come to the Silverlight, see it for what it truly is and embrace the new found pieces of Microsoft's vision of "Age of User Experience" (sounds like a cult drive doesn't it heheh).

Forest says:

So I’m sitting here at work late at night working on some of Mix content and announcements for next week (April 30th), and my thoughts keep coming back to “we need more people working on this stuff”. Well, the irony is that we actually have a over 30 open positions for marketing, product management, evangelism, business development, etc. roles related to our tools and platform… we’re just having a really hard time finding the right people.

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