Want to work for Microsoft? (specifically Channels 8 to 10, Visitmix.com, TechNet Edge)

At times we have some pretty unique roles that appear on the radar, but Duncan Mackenzie just told me of a position vacant in his team.

The position is for an SDE and essentially the role is geared towards helping work on the next generation of features for the online brands -  Channel 8, Channel 9, Channel 10 and TechNet Edge.

Now.. before you spam Duncan with some resumes, be sure to outline your skills around being a bit of a "RIA" developer/designer.

What kind of person is Duncan looking?:

  • Someone who probably fits in the middle (or slightly to the dev side) of your designer vs. developer gradient image…

  • Someone who does mostly front edge work, but can write .NET code

  • Someone who, if asked to write a web page that uses AJAX to call a web service, retrieve JSON, render the results in Silverlight and then make the whole thing interactive using JavaScript would be able to say “no problem”

  • Someone who cares about standards and semantic markup.

  • Someone who’d like to come to Redmond and work on the next generation of features out of the team that runs Channel 9, Channel 10, Channel 8, VisitMix.com, TechNet Edge and more…

Feel like you're up to the task? ping Duncan an email and tell him I sent you..