WebJAM 07 Was awesome.

Team Microsoft represents! :)

WebJam07 (Thur 1st March) was a total new experience for me as I've never been to one and I have to say, what a damn good idea. Essentially a presenter basically has 3 minutes to present on whatever it is they wish to do so and the crowd then votes for them via SMS.

Some were funny, some where kind of weird (in a good way) and overall it was very relaxed atomosphere.

My favourites for the night where:

AtMail - A product that enables you to send video messages to your friends back and forth housed within a Hotmail style application. It's something I once commented on in my old blog that web-based mail can go further and these guys have done it! so very cool application (I think it uses php, WebORB and as minimal Microsoft products as possible - sorry, I got the feeling that the presenter had no luv for ol MSFT hehe)

TimWouldLickIt.com - This is RIA gone wrong (in a positive way) as it appears Tim Lucas has licked things that no other man can boast - and there is photos to proove it! A very cool RIA that enables users to upload backdrops and put ol Tim into some very comprimising positions.

ActionScript Arse There were some other applications that are worth noting  (especially the Flash Evolution Game - wish I had the URL for that one) but overall the night was heaps of fun and done in a place where I think more "conferences" should be - the bar.

Having shots before your talk - must try that at my next meetingMoments worth noting though was when Andre's presentation appeared to be bombing out 1 minute in, so he did what anyone else would do in that moment of panic - The Robot Dance.

Lastly, but importantly congratulations to Earle Castledine for picking up the win for the night and a complete subscription to MSDN License worth $5k (He mentioned last night at a bar everyones hounding him for Vista Key's heheheh)

Also, the runnersup where Cameron Adams & Andrew Krespanis and Tim Lucas and each recieved copies Expression Web!

Note: There is a bunch of flickr photos found here for Web Jam (Thanks to those who took a camera!)