WebJam ReMIX Downunder.

It's getting closer to ReMIX Downunder, and I for one can't wait to see the local and international Microsoft magic being showcased to my fellow aussies (NZ etc folks welcome aswell).

WebJam.com.au folks are also going to be running another of their event(s) at the conference and for those of you whom have no idea what WebJam is about, allow me to inform.

Essentially you have 3 min's to present something around the Web, anything and it has to be entertaining and at least vaguely interesting. Usually however it's the craziest stuff that wins and local YouTube legend, Lachlan Hunt (keen Web Standards fan) picked up the WebJam Sydney 1st prize with his pitch on why <Video> element is important (See below his Demo Video, anyone whom can go to great lengths to produce this, will always get my support).

This is an example, one other example was when the previous winner (Earle Castledine) for WebJam made an AJAX enabled "Negative Energy" extraction Web 2.0 application. It essentially comprised of a paypal enabled button, which when clicked is guaranteed to extract all negative energy around you via your computer.

If you are keen to present your WebJam goodness but can't make it to ReMIX during the day, then don't be afraid to still attend this portion of the conference as it's FREE (as in beer).

It will be held on the Monday night of ReMIX.

 If you like this, then digg it! http://digg.com/videos/comedy/Spread_This_T_Shirt_HD_DVD_and_Spice_Girls