Who builds video sites these days anyway?

Well, lots actually. Take today, I woke up around 7am to get a start on some ideas / projects I've been brewing for a month now. I never got a single thing done as I was swamped in Video related S.O.S requests around Silverlight driven video sites. Now these weren't mah and pah's fish`n`chip shop brands, they were some powerhouse brands (local and international).

In total i had 4 email threads going at once ranging from architectural advice through to review(s) etc.

I honestly thought the Video + Content was pretty much being played out (I mean how many more times can you do the same thing?) yet each time I look at them, I see new stuff.

Yet, when you look at the market research and the figures that attach themselves to them, video is in high demand going forward. This will bold well for RIA going forward, although I still wouldn't rush out just yet and classify a lot of these "RIA". Happy for Rich Interactive Video Site, but let's not abuse the term just yet.

That said, I'd love to see more and more of these genre's as I find them fascinating in terms of some of the direction they are heading.