Why Chad is excited about Silverlight 2.0

imageI stumbled upon a post by Chad Campbell via my RSS reads (244 down, 9398 to go) and I enjoyed reading Chad's passion and insight into what he's thoughts are about the Silverlight 2.0 journey ahead.

Chad has also written or is writing a book on Silverlight 2.0, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

This one piece made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. No, not because he read my post (that's 2 people now, mum and Chad) but because it provoked a discussion and that's what I love the most.

Your response to this question will probably determine where you fit on Scott Barnes' RIA Role Spectrum. Personally, I am slightly more to the developer side, however, I would definately consider myself an RIA Architect. Because of this, both aspects are important to me. So, when I'm asked "What is .NET?", I have to have a response that fits both sides of my personality (sounds like a frosted mini-wheats commercial). Well, I believe that .NET is about two and exactly two things.

The more I think lately the more given my role here at Microsoft is to spark adoption in RIA (in general) that my place on the RIA Role Spectrum is more "RIA Philosopher" than evangelist.. hmm.. might be another blog post ;)