Windows Vista will change perception

Windows Vista has a lot of new features, but one of them is when programs stop functioning a popup appears asking if you would like to find a resolution to the problem that was just caused.

Typically in the earlier versions of Windows, you'd not get this as the message would be obscure and it wouldn't associate the problem with the rightful owner, it'd simply ask whether or not you wanted to send an error report back to Microsoft. Which in turn provides Software vendors a dump report on what's happening with their software in the wild (yet this is unknown to the average punter out there whom isn't in the know around how this workflow works).

This is typically bad for Microsoft I guess as it's easy for folks to associate the problem as being the operating systems fault instead of the software vendor? "Grr, Windows just crashed, great! ".

Did it? or did the actual software you are using crash and Windows simply caught the exception, didn't know what to do with it due to lack of instruction and simply told the end user "I have to close this now, because it's just broken" but in a much more universal obscure message so not to offend everyone in the world sort of thing.

Now, we bring you Windows Vista, which the appropriate messaging is put into the right context and end users can apply appropriate amount of pressure on such vendors to fix it, but also allows vendors to take ownership of their own issues that arise.


I often see Adobe Staffers in Twitter complain about Windows Vista crashing "Yet again" and wonder if it's us or them? :P

Update: Adobe Staffers was not at all meant to be an attack or negative response, it was actually meant as a joke between a friend at Adobe. It's not an attack on anyone specific persons but a slight jib as they often make similiar jibs about M$ and so on (all in good humour folks).