Windows Vista will run in VMWare.

JW asked the question below:

"...we dont have vista rolled out here at work but i'd like to get a bit of a headstart, before banging my head against a wall..can you tell me if vista will operate in virtualpc mode (prolly without the funky gfraphics id guess)..." - JW

The answer to that is Yes! (Sort of - I haven't tested it out inside MS Virtual PC, but will tonight heh).

Before I joined the Microsoftship, I was using RC1 (I think MSDN Subscribers can still download Vista RTM) inside VMWare (Make sure you get the very latest version). It ran quite smoothly and with realistically no difference in terms of memory consumption. I used this to basically get an understanding of what all the hype was about and what the hell these em ere Gadgets truly are like.

So if you're stuck and can't quite take the leap of faith and install Vista lock stock and barrell, then VMWare can be your friend. The only difference you'll notice between living breathing Vista and Vista inside a Virtual machine is that AERO won't be as sexy. You won't see transparent windows (but having said that, its essentially the same if you haven't upgraded your Video card in some time).

Yet, it all works the same as you would inside the living breathing version. I know my brother is keen to road-test it with his Mac.

I personally have Dual Boot setup at home. I have about a years worth of Installed programs and what not that I'm not quite ready to merge over into the Vista world, so I'm doing it gradually with a dual boot. It works smoothly and although I'm spending about 80% of my time now in Vista Ultimate I still revert back to XP for those times when needed (essentially I really could not be bothered as yet re-installing BattleField 2142  - fyi: my handle is MossyBlog - inside Vista heheh).

No more excuses, get inside the Gadget Zone now! (all the kids are doing it).