Wonder what she puts on her resume?

image Long (istartedsomething.com) was tipped off by a certain mutual friend (yes I know the source Long) around this mystery woman whom keeps appearing in tech sites that have a focus on servers or virtual servers at that.

Well, she's been spotted on 3 different sites now and I wonder what she puts on her resume?

Interviewer: Can you tell me about yourself and what would you say is your stand out quality?

MysteryGirl: I'm a Libra, I like studying the origins of the duodecimal system and one of my strongest qualities is when I cross my arms like this - *crosses arms* - I give the world an impression that I mean business when it comes to servers. I am if you will, the poster child for serious servers high tech server farms.

As for all of us using the same stock photo, it happens. There used to be a site called "pirated-sites.com" which used to mention this a lot amongst other tech companies world wide. Getting exclusive photos can be expensive and even then you really can't get a specific model unless you hire them specifically for a campaign or brand.

GettyImages.com / iStockPhoto.com can be your friend but it can embarrass you as well. I know from years in the marketing agency scene that sourcing unique talent (models etc) can be really expensive and at times really unnecessary.

(Note: I have no idea on our position around why we used the girl for Windows Virtual Server site or what the story is, I'm just a bystander observing it like everyone else). It's not really a big deal, and one can only laugh about it.







Have you seen this woman in another site? If so email me, as I'm really curious now! heh.