Filter OMS near real-time performance counter data by computer

Summary: Learn how to use Log Search in Microsoft Operations Management Suite to filter near real-time performance counter data by computer name.

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Sort performance data by computer name

  Note  This  is a five-part series that includes the following posts:

The first things I want to know are:

  • The computer names
  • How many records they may provide for me to examine

The first thing I do is to go into Log Search. I find Log Search directly from the Start screen on my MS OMS console.

Image of menu

I find the computer name information easily by using Type=Perf and then filtering the records by computer. I get my counts because Computer is the property that I want to measure. Here is my query:

Type=Perf | measure count() by Computer

Here is my query and the results on my system:

Image of menu

So, now that I have a list of computer names and the number of records that each computer has, I can add a filter for the specific computer that I am interested in querying. To do this I simply add computer = “mycomputername” to the query. Here is a query that works on my system where I look at AzureDev01:

Type=Perf Computer=AzureDev01

I can see from the query results that there are 136,848 records and that they cover 200 metrics. Here is the query and the output from the query:

Image of menu

When I switch to metric view, I can see the metrics as graphs, and I could dive in to them if I want.

Note  I discussed this approach yesterday in Use OMS Search to visualize collected performance data.

The metric view page is shown here:

Image of menu

Dive in to a specific counter in a specific group

Now that I have found performance counters for a specific computer, I can dive in a bit more. For example, I can look at performance counters related to memory. To do this, I add ObjectName=Memory. This will return a group of performance counters that are related to memory. I also want them only related to a specific computer, so I leave my computer filter in the query. Here is my revised search:

Type=Perf Computer=AzureDev01 ObjectName=Memory

Here are the query and the associated output, where I have opened the Committed Bytes in Use:

Image of menu

If I want to look at a specific counter on a specific computer, I add a filter for the counter, for example:

Type=Perf Computer=AzureDev01 ObjectName=Memory CounterName="% Committed Bytes In Use"

Image of menu

That is all I have for you today. Join me tomorrow when I’ll talk about more way cool stuff.

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