Now generally available: Linux management with Operations Management Suite (OMS)

Summary: Linux management with Operations Management Suite (OMS) is now generally available.

Hi folks, Anurag Gupta here, and this week at LinuxCon, we announced the general availability of the OMS Agent for Linux that’s built on the open source project, FluentD. The GA OMS Agent for Linux brings you enterprise grade management of your Linux servers with ability to centralize your Syslogs, Nagios + Zabbix alerts, 50+ real-time performance metrics, and custom application data in the powerful Log Analytics platform .

The OMS Agent for Linux enables you to:

Here’s a video that details the GA announcement of Linux Management with Operations Management Suite:

Supported Linux operating systems:

Supported Linux operating systems

I would like to try this immediately!!

Get a free Microsoft Operations Management Suite (#MSOMS) subscription so that you can test Linux management capabilties. You can also get a free subscription for Microsoft Azure. I invite you to follow the Microsoft IT Management Twitter.

You can also try a fully hydrated demo environment.

How can I give you guys feedback?

There are a few different routes to give feedback:

  • UserVoice: Post ideas for new OMS features to work on.  Visit the OMS UserVoice page.
  • OMS Forums: Good general discussion of OMS.  Visit the OMS Forums.

Anurag Gupta
Microsoft Operations Management Team