Our top recommended Azure security and operations management sessions at Ignite 2017!

Microsoft Ignite 2017 is right around the corner, September 25–29 in Orlando, Florida. There are more than 1,537 sessions, but I wanted to share a list of sessions that will tell you everything about Azure security and operations management. Feel free to use this list to help create your personal schedule or on-demand viewing. Also, be sure to follow our Twitter @MS_Ignite for updates. Enjoy!

Note: Click each session to go directly to that session's page on the Microsoft Ignite website.

Must-see foundation sessions
Monday: Datacenter transformation – a roadmap for platforms, processes, and people (Jeffrey Snover, 4:00 PM)
Tuesday: Azure security and management for hybrid environments (Jeremy Winter, 9:00 AM)
Wednesday: Implement a secure and well-managed strategy for your Azure resources (Scott Woodgate, 9:00 AM)

Security sessions
Tuesday: Simplify hybrid cloud protection with Microsoft Azure Security Center (Sarah Fender, 10:45 AM)
Wednesday: Respond quickly to threats with next-generation security operation, and investigation (Meir Mendelovich, 10:45 AM),
Cloud attacks illustrated: How unique insights from Microsoft help you defend against attacks (Tom Teller, 4:00 PM)
Thursday: Protect Azure IaaS deployments using Microsoft Azure Security Center (Sarah Fender, 9:00 AM)
Friday: Defense against the dark (cloud) arts: Azure security deep dive (Andy Malone, 12:30 PM)

Monitoring sessions
Tuesday: Gain full-stack insights into your hybrid IT environment and take action with Azure solutions (A.S. Sivakumar, 2:15 PM)
Thursday: Snapshot debugging and Microsoft Azure diagnostics in action: (Nikhil Joglekar and Dan Taylor, 9:00 AM),
Analyze & Debug applications across your DevOps workflow with Azure Application Insights (Evgeny Ternovsky, 10:45 AM),
Gain visibility into network performance and availability with network monitoring solutions in Azure (Abhishek Pathak, 10:45 AM) Four new Azure management experiences to run your business critical applications (Jan Kalis, 12:45PM)
Friday: Monitoring, diagnosing and debugging with Azure networking (Abhishek Pathak and Vijay Tinnanur, 9:00 AM),
The improved Azure Log Analytics: A powerful query language with machine learning, and more (Ketan Ghelani, 10:45 AM)

Backup and disaster recovery
Tuesday: Business continuity for your business running in IaaS (Vishal Mehrotra, 12:30 PM)
Wednesday: Optimize Azure for Disaster Recovery (John Savill, 12:30 PM)
Thursday: Application-aware disaster recovery for VMware, Hyper-V and Azure IaaS VMs with Azure Site Recovery (Abhishek Hemrajani, 10:45 AM),
Protect your data with Microsoft Azure Backup (Vijay Tandra Sistla, 2:15 PM)

Wednesday: Implement governance in Azure at scale with policy-based management (Joseph Chan, 9:00 AM)
Thursday: Make the most of Azure by using Cloudyn to monitor, allocate and optimize your cloud spend (Robert Reynolds, 9:00 AM)

System Center
Tuesday: System Center for the modern datacenter: First look at advancements coming this year (Bala Rajagopalan, 4:00 PM)
Thursday: Microsoft System Center 2016 in action: Customer use cases to implement today (Mahesh Narayanan, 4:00 PM)

PowerShell, configuration and automation, extensibility
Wednesday: PowerShell Unplugged with Jeffrey Snover and Don Jones (Jeffrey Snover, 2:15 PM),
Manage Configurations and Update/Patch Windows and Linux Servers with Azure Management (Ravi Kiran Chintalapudi, 4:00 PM)
Thursday: Manage hybrid cloud and transform your workplace with PowerShell and Azure Automation (Eamon O’Reilly, 12:30 PM),
Azure Management technical framework for partner extensibility (Evan Hissey, 4:00 PM) Image of schedule for foundation, security, and monitoring Image of schedule for backup, governance, PowerShell, automation, System Center, and extensIbility