Are you a DEVSTA?


What's DevSta? The Devsta {Challenge 2008} is a coding comp for Australian developers. Whether you’re a professional or amateur coder, you are invited to compete for the glorious title of DevSta! The competition has a very exciting surprise element to it.

How does the competition work? No one knows what they will be ask to code until the briefing which will be presented to all registrants on 0808 EST Monday 29 September 2009. Once briefed, everyone will have the same amount of time to code away- 200 hours, 8 minutes!

What is the reward? Your submission will be judged by a panel of experts and the winner will receive an awesome DevSta prize pack worth over $18,000* RRP – including a trip to Las Vegas to attend the MIX09 Developer Conference, a copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition with a one year MSDN Premium Subscription, and an Xbox 360® Elite console package! With a total prize pool valued at over $33,000 RRP there are also some fantastic runner-up prizes to be won

How do I enter? Go to register now. All registrants can download Microsoft Visual Studio for free. 

The DevSta website is very cool. Check it out