Channel 8 - New student community site launched on Sunday!

Exciting news from the U.S Academic team this week - Channel 8 has gone live! Before anyone gets really excited (as I did) and starts imagining a TV channel dedicated solely to IT students, Channel 8 is not a television station (although that would be great - anyone with a few million lying around, please contact me and we can talk :)) But it's still a good concept - delivering a variety of interesting resources to CS students, all accessed from the one spot.


Channel 8 is our attempt at building a community for ICT students. At the moment, it's only got a welcome from Microsoft's U.S academic director Joe Wilson, but from hereon in, this will be the central reference for students who want all the more 'exciting stuff' from Microsoft, with things like Imagine Cup, MSDNAA, training resources, videos, fun stuff and more. It will also keep students up to date on the latest developments in the ICT industry, let them know what's hapening in universities around the country, give them opportunities to make new friends and share what they've been working on.

Whilst the site is aimed at students, there's really no reason why academics can't participate - in fact, it would be awesome to see a few of you uploading content! Might also be a good way to keep a finger on whats happening with students around the world or even within your own uni :)