Dreamspark 2.0 Released!

The Latest version of the Dreamspark has been released- Dreamspark 2.0. The first thing you notice is the cosmetic upgrade to the Dreamspark website. The cool new visuals and clear information which make it really easy to navigate through the site. The choice of software hasn’t changed much, I took a screenshot of the list of software below. any university Student can access the software for FREE. H.S students will have access to Dreamspark by early next year. If you are a H.S student and really keen to access Dreamspark now, drop me a line!

If you are a University lecturer or system administrator and interested in getting the benefits of Dreamspark across to your students, contact me and we can get you guys on board fast for Free!

For an awesome podcast on how Dreamspark works, Check out Andrew Parsons blog.