Dreamspark Evolution Release Now live!

The final instalment of the Dreamspark website is now live. The site has undergone an upgrade in design and UX making it even easier to access the software you want for free.

If you are not familiar with Dreamspark- The program offers Microsoft’s Developer and Design software (VS08, Expression2, WS08, SQL08, XNA and more) for free to students around the world.

The site also includes some new features:

  • Training Section Added
    • Free MCTS certification exam vouchers
      • LIMITED OFFERING: Learn more here
    • Pointers to free eBooks
    • Pointers to Learning Snacks
  • New Product List Page Added
    • New page to list all products
    • Added pointers to developer centres and training videos for server, developer, and design topics

Take advantage of the free MCTS certification exam vouchers which are available for a limited time only through Dreamspark! With the current economic downturn and the glooming job market, employers are seeking graduates who are trained and certified. Up skilling yourself will help you stand out from the rest and make you more employable. The MCTS certification vouchers are usually worth over $150 so please take advantage!

Original Dreamspark layout Most recent layout

clip_image002[13] clip_image002[15]

New Dreamspark Layout