Another Windows Store Industry Application: OpenText

In early 2012, Microsoft put our Windows Store out on the web to help our customers find, try and buy useful high-quality apps from developers and partners around the world. The Store also encouraged developers to put their products on our site, while helping them standardize and ensure technical compliance. The result has been a very robust store front that takes software development and availability to a next level.

Now, with the launch of Windows 8 in late October, we’re really starting to see the fruits of that endeavor.image

Take for example, OpenText, one of our partners with solutions that are perfectly suited for many utility company needs. They today announced the availability of their OpenText Tempo Box and OpenText eDocs DM through the Windows Store. The beauty of working through the Windows Store is that the OpenText solutions become available through both Windows 8 and Windows RT. In the case of Tempo Box, users can access, view and manage their files from any Windows 8 device, as well as edit files in other apps installed on Windows 8. Users can share Tempo Box files using corporate LDAP or AD directory for secure computing.

eDocs DM is a legal document management system, with support for all business practices, proactive compliance and information governance, from the first creation of document to its being stored for historical reference or filing. eDocs DM allows anytime, anywhere access for Windows 8 users with touch interactions and cloud connected access. Of course, Microsoft security protections are built in to the systems – literally from the ground up during the development process itself – so that utilities can feel confident in their use outside the corporate infrastructure.

We will be seeing more announcements like this from other partners as solutions are configured, through the Windows Store development process, for both cloud computing and Windows 8. Good stuff. – Jon C. Arnold