Central Maine Power Chooses Microsoft Partner Itron (with SQL Server) for Smart Grid Initiative

We’ve written previously in this blog about tests confirming that SQL Server is more than able to handle the data tsunami that will be created by smart meter installations. Our partner Itron uses SQL Server 2008 as a core component of its Itron Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management solution (IEE MDM), and in 2008 it was confirmed cable of handling 200 million intervals of data, along with the hourly data that would be produced by 9 million meters.

Now comes news yesterday that Central Maine Power chose IEE MDM to “modernize its existing electric grid and improve customer engagement by leveraging the performance, reliability and flexibility of Itron’s IEE solution running on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database.” Sara Burns, the CEO of CMP, commented on the company’s tremendous investment in the future:Itron Press Release

“CMP is investing $1.6 billion in smart grid technology and system upgrades to enhance reliability, service, and consumer features, because we want to keep improving the customer experience,” said Sara Burns, president and CEO of CMP.

Clearly, we’re honored to have been judged up to the task for such a considerable investment by CMP. We are confident that this engagement will provide yet another successful test of our solutions’ ability to help transform the worldwide utility industry. – Jon C. Arnold