ICONICS Introduces MobileHMI for Water on Windows 8

One of the great things about Windows 8 is its ability to change the way we work from an industry line of business perspective. A common pitfall that we often fall prey to when upgrading applications is accepting the same business processes and work design that been in use for years and sometimes decades.  Granted, it takes time and energy to re-think business processes when upgrading applications but in light of the advancements in devices and services over the past several years coupled with the dramatics gains in efficiencies and usability that can be obtained, we believe it is worth the time and effort.

I was with a customer in Canada recently and we had such a conversation centered on the Utility field worker and the kind of simple, easy to use applications that the field worker needs as we make the transition to the new world of workforce productivity for Utilities.

I bring this up as our global alliance partner ICONICS has addressed this very issue with their MobileHMI for Water which is a mobile solution with role-based dashboards designed to meet the needs of executives and managersimage, operators and field service technicians in the water and wastewater industry.  It really is a completely different way of looking at the information and making decisions as it connects to HMI (Human Machine Interface) displays for real-time monitoring of water and wastewater operations, including assets, alarms, trends, field service activity, and customer site conditions. The ICONICS application is available in the Windows store and you can access it here.  Welcome to the new world of workforce productivity for Water Utilities thanks to ICONICS! – Jon C. Arnold