Interactive and collaborative visual communications system of the future...without the flirting!

Interesting article in USA Today about Microsoft and Harrah's unveil high-tech interactive bar table (see:

Harrah’s Entertainment is using a high-tech interactive bar table to lets patrons order drinks, watch YouTube videos, play touch-screen games and even flirt with each other.


The bar table is composed of six rectangular tables with built-in 30-inch flat screens using Microsoft Surface technology. The surface technology was launched about a year ago ( ) and is finding its way into commercial applications such as the one at Harrah’s.

As Utilities deal with the increasing complexities of running the power grid and managing their power plants as fleets we envision surface computing becoming a corner stone of an interactive and collaborative visual communications system supporting critical utility operations. Can you think of the use of surface computing for power grid situational awareness, increased automation of distribution systems or how mobile workforce management and outage management systems could leverage this kind of technology? We can. We believe that the Utility of the future will incorporate surface computing into their daily operations and see great opportunity for our partners and Utilities to capitalize on this disruptive technology and improve their business operations. - Jon